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I Want it All

24 Mar

Can’t decide what flavor you want? You can have it all with the Banana Split cupcake. The banana cake is swirled with homemade pineapple preserves and chocolate bits. Banana-vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache, sprinkles, a cherry and a banana chip make this cupcake a cool treat. Young and old alike will delight in this delicious, eye-catching treat.


Cherries in the Middle

23 Mar

If A Cherry On Top didn’t make your mouth water, perhaps cherries in the middle will! Reminiscent of cherry pie with a hint of almond (artificial, for all of you no-nuts types), these dainty little cupcakes are perfect for a tea party or coffee break. They aren’t a regular flavor on our menu, but an improvisation using a classic vanilla cake recipe. Sometimes I get the urge to improvise and use up ingredients. I had leftover cherry filling from making Black Forest cupcakes the day before, so I whipped these up and advertised them as a $15 special for Facebook group members. Every once in a while I put a special out for Meadow Lakers, like this one, so if you request to join my Facebook group, you can get in on a sweet deal; pun intended.

A Cherry on Top

21 Mar

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will only say this much: Black… Forest… yum….