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Vegan Cupcakes in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan? You bet!

16 Feb

Word on the street (you know, the one street that goes through the centre of town) is that vegan cupcakes have snuck their way into the tummies and hearts of residents of Meadow Lake. I am going to put all of the rumors to rest and confirm that this is true. After sharing several batches of delicious vegan cupcakes with friends and family, I have decided to share my knack for whipping up scrumptious cupcakes without the use of eggs and dairy products with everyone and will soon be taking your orders. Oh yes! No ingredients containing peanuts and tree nuts (or traces of them) are used, so everyone can go nuts over them. Pun intended. You just have to wait until I get this site up and running. Be rest assured… vegan cupcakes are coming… very soon.