I Heart Vegan Cupcakes has a new home in Calgary, Alberta. All cupcakes are made with love by me.

But why? Why vegan cupcakes?


Cupcakes are beautiful. If you want to look sexy, all you have to do is eat one. Eating a cupcake automatically ups your cuteness factor by 300%. Cupcakes are practical: you can eat them whilst walking down the street and without a fork. What I love most, perhaps, is there is something innocent about cupcakes that makes me reminisce about the simple joys of childhood.


Some people might wonder why the heck they would want a vegan cupcake. For starters, they are just as delicious as their competitors that include eggs and dairy products (if not more!). I dare say that you couldn’t tell them apart.

More and more people are choosing to consume animal products in moderation and some folks even avoid them altogether. The reason I became passionate about vegan baking is because of food allergies. My children are both allergic to eggs and dairy products. Approximately 1 in 10 people have food allergies, with dairy products and eggs being the most common.

My belief is that everyone, regardless of diet choice or allergy afflictions, deserves a treat and it is my goal to create cupcakes that most people can say “yes” to.

On this site you will find images and descriptions of the scrumptious flavors we offer and pricing. There’s always a good excuse for a cupcake!

I will be happy to make a lovely batch of cupcakes for you! Please email me at


to place your order.




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