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A Little Something Special

15 Feb

I like to put a little of me into each cupcake that I make. No, I don’t mean hair. Although I was having a great hair day today! Yesterday I went to Chatters and picked up some stuff to make my curls a little smoother and longer lasting. Thanks to my new friend Leanne for recommending a couple of fun new products for me to try! Back to the cupcakes, and Leanne!


So Leanne is having a little par-tay and needs some cute cupcakes. She chose one of my all-time favourites, Banana Split. Leanne’s taste in good cupcakes must have rubbed off, because another friend ordered a dozen of the exact same cupcakes later the same day. A lot of love goes into my Banana Split cupcakes. First of all, I make pineapple preserves from scratch and swirl them into the dough. The dough itself is special too. I purée ripe banana and mix it in with a combination of whole wheat and regular all-purpose flour. I always try to sneak a little extra fiber into my cupcakes. Whether you ask for it or not, I always use 1/3 whole wheat flour. I can substitute up to half of the all-purpose flour for whole wheat, so if this move feels right for you, let me know and I will be happy to healthify your cupcakes as much as I can. My recipes use very little oil to begin with, but I sweeten the deal and take the liberty of always substituting half of the oil for organic unsweetened apple sauce.


IMG_0717Check out those homemade pineapple preserves. Only the best for my clients! This shot was taken just before I swirled tropical goodness into each cupcake and baked them until they reached their perfect doneness.

The next super-special thing that goes into my cupcakes goes on top. I make a big bowl of fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting out of organic cane confectioner’s sugar. After I pile on a boatload of icing I drizzle each cake with chocolatey ganache. Chocolate ganache that holds its form at room temperature is actually super easy to make. I’ll even tell you how it’s done! You can use it to make all kinds of decorations for your own baking projects. It’s also great drizzled over strawberries and banana slices or drizzled over some coconut ice cream to make a quick, special treat.


To make your own Chocolatey Ganache all you need is a couple of things:

3 tbsp non-dairy milk or creamer (I use unsweetened coconut milk)

1/3 cup vegan chocolate chips (I highly recommend PC The Decadent Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips from Superstore)

Warm your milk in a small pot over medium heat. When it is just about to boil, turn off the heat and fork whisk your chocolate chips in until they are fully incorporated, making a smooth and creamy chocolate sauce. Let cool for 10 minutes. You can put it in a small freezer bag with the teeniest, tiniest hole cut in one corner and drizzle it over your creation. Or simply dip a fork in it and you have a super rustic but simple drizzling tool.

Who needs Nesquik, right?!



Next I topped my cupcakes with some little round sprinkles a candied cherry, and an unsweetened, organic banana chip. I was a little disappointed that this recipe makes exactly a dozen cupcakes. I would have really liked to have had one of these for myself! Enjoy your cupcakes, friends! I enjoyed making them for you!





Am I Back? You Decide!

12 Feb

In the spring of 2012 everything was going swimmingly with my vegan cupcakes business in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. I had a solid client base that was keeping me hopping with orders and I was generating a pretty pleasing income for a work-at-home mom. Then, June came. While on our very first Disney vacation, my husband accepted a new job in Calgary, our house was sold within a week of getting home, we bought a house in southwest Calgary with a possession date over a month away, and we became homeless.


Okay, so we weren’t homeless, but Jason crashed in his brother’s basement for his first month at his new job and the kids and I stayed at my parents’ place. It kind of felt like being a university student, except for the having kids part. What happened next? My oldest went to kindergarten and turned my whole schedule upside down. It’s now six months later and I am starting to feel like I’ve caught my breath. What better way to negate that feeling than by setting up shop? Cupcake shop.


We’ve got family here and we’ve been making friends, and the more I get chatting it up with you folks, the more I begin to think that my cupcakes have a place in Cougar Ridge. Vegan cupcakes might not even be on your radar, but let me tell you, these babies are darn good. So whether you’re affected by an allergy to dairy and/or eggs, a friend to animals, or just trying to be a little bit warmer and fuzzier with your food choices, my cupcakes will hit the spot. They are baked in a kitchen that is completely devoid of peanut and nut products with a lot of T.L.C. You will literally taste the love.


So, family and friends, I am ready to take your orders. Check out the “Menu,” “Pricing” and “Order Here” sections of this website for details. I know that the subject of delivery is going to come up. Unless you are in the Cougar Ridge vicinity, I won’t be delivering. I’ve got too much on the go with my little brood. They are numero-uno to me and get to call all the shots. As such, I will bake, but you must make the drive. This way, I can find balance between baking and all the important stuff I don’t want to rush through in my life. In exchange for understanding, you will never be disappointed with your cakes. So am I back? Tentatively, yes! Let’s see if you guys can keep me busy!