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Should I refrigerate my cupcakes until serving time?

23 Apr

With warmer weather, this is a question that has been cropping up. Once frosted, I always keep my cupcakes refrigerated and I recommend that you do so as well, until serving time, of course!

When you buy cakes in a bakery, you will notice that they keep them in a cooler. This helps to keep the decorations and icing beautiful for your occasion. On hot summer days, I recommend bring a cooler if you are picking up your cupcakes or quickly dashing them to a completely cooled, air-conditioned vehicle for transport.

Most of the sexy-factor of cupcakes is caught up in appearances, so let’s keep them beautiful!


It’s beginning to look a lot like springtime!

21 Apr

It looks like warmer weather is officially on its way, here in north country. Since the snow melted we have had three short episodes of winter weather, so here’s hoping that we are in the clear. These Coconut Lime cupcakes are as fresh as the new season! Each little cake and the buttercream frosting is infused with real lime and coconut flavors. Elegant, but casual, they are suited for any occasion.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I am pre-booking for that weekend. Be sure to place your orders soon! This flavour will definitely say “I love you!”

A fridge full of brains????

20 Apr

My ¬†friend’s 8 year old son had a Plants vs. Zombies birthday party today. She asked me to whip up these guys, inspired by a design she found on Pinterest. Classic vanilla with fluffy buttercream brains. A fun (but gross!) custom order!

The cupcakes coordinated perfectly with the fondant cake she made. Can you believe that this was her first time using rolled fondant?! I think it turned out super cute:

I like our collaborative culinary project. J.L.’s fondant cake and my cupcakes look good together! This is a great example of how a dozen cupcakes can supplement your own baking projects and help you sweeten up your own little herd of zombies!