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Can I order yet?

20 Feb

Brooklyn Brownie

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Why Cupcakes?

20 Feb

I Heart Vegan Cupcakes Valentine's vanilla mini cupcakes with fluffy buttercream.

From “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World” by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero (p. 3-4):

Why Cupcakes?

We feel that this question can only be answered with an A to Z list.

Adorable. This one is obvious. Who doesn’t think cupcakes are cute? Off the top of our heads, probably only Dick Cheney.

Blogworthy. A surefire way to get people to look at your blog is by posting pictures of cupcakes. No one wants to hear about your terrible day at the office or what you think of China’s space program. They want to see pictures of cupcakes, trust us.

Crafty. You can get all creative in the kitchen without the glue or the scrapbook that no one wants to look at.

Delicious. They taste good.

Everywhere. Cupcakes are everywhere. So the logic follows that if cupcakes are everywhere, people must love cupcakes, therefore, they will love a book about cupcakes.

Forks. Fork it, who needs forks? Eat with your hands.

Gifts. Cupcakes make the best gift! I dare you to give someone a cupcake and have them not smile.

Home. Baking makes a house a home. Whether, like us, you live in a hovel, or you live in a penthouse on Madison Avenue (yuppie), if you don’t have the heavenly fresh-baked-goods scent wafting from your kitchen, then you aren’t really home. You are just in four enclosed walls.

Icing. Whether you blow through it first or savor it till the end, icing is the icing on the cake. Literally.

Joy. Unbridled.

Knives. Again, no need for all that messed up slicing when one person gets a huge slice and someone else, a dilapidated sliver. Cupcakes are the great leveler wherein we are all equals.

Love. Nothing says love like a cupcake does. If you don’t bake someone a cupcake then you don’t really care about them.

Moods. There is a cupcake to fit your every mood. A diet therapist may tell you that being an emotional eater is unhealthy, and they would probably be right. But who wants to be right when you could be eating a cupcake?

No. People say “no” too often. Cupcakes will make them say “yes.”

Oligarchy. Vegan cupcakes will take over the world. Better to give in sooner rather than later and make this a smooth transition.

Portable. You can take cupcakes anywhere. Walk down the street eating a piece of cake and you will look like a crazy person. But walk down the street eating a cupcake? Your sexiness factor will increase by at least 70 percent, according to our studies.

Quick. Cupcakes bake very quickly and you with your busy schedule can use your newfound free time to do things that are important to you, like building a shelf for all your cupcake supplies.

Relaxing. Piping frosting from a pastry bag sets your soul at ease.

Shopping. You will soon find yourself perusing the bakery supply stores with a purpose. Now you can admire decorating tips and pastry bags with the pros.

Transcendental. We will bake with our own hands; we will frost with our own icing; we will speak with our own mouths full.

Utilitarian. No pesky plates and forks to wash afterward. Fewer dishes, more efficiency.

Voluptuous. Doesn’t your butt need a little extra padding? Sure it does.

Workers of the World Unite. Cupcakes are the fuel of the revolution. Let them eat cake. No really, let them eat cake.

XXX. Cupcakes are sexy.

Yawn. Writing A to Z lists gets very tiring. Quit reading this and start making cupcakes.

Zzzzz. Especially when you get to Z. Now, seriously, go make some cupcakes.

Moskowitz and Romero said it best. From A-Z their reasons for loving cupcakes, specifically vegan cupcakes, are mine!


Vegan Cupcakes in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan? You bet!

16 Feb

Word on the street (you know, the one street that goes through the centre of town) is that vegan cupcakes have snuck their way into the tummies and hearts of residents of Meadow Lake. I am going to put all of the rumors to rest and confirm that this is true. After sharing several batches of delicious vegan cupcakes with friends and family, I have decided to share my knack for whipping up scrumptious cupcakes without the use of eggs and dairy products with everyone and will soon be taking your orders. Oh yes! No ingredients containing peanuts and tree nuts (or traces of them) are used, so everyone can go nuts over them. Pun intended. You just have to wait until I get this site up and running. Be rest assured… vegan cupcakes are coming… very soon.